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Need help with something? Call us and leave a message on +61 2 40 41 29 42.

Please note: We are often working with clients who pay us for strategic consultations, and we want to be certain that they get the best value for this service. As such, we ensure that it is not interrupted by telephone calls. (I’m certain you would appreciate this too!)

We do however, allocate specific times during each day to return all messages left.


Need something? Send our team an email at

That will go right into our top-notch Customer Support Team’s inbox, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Snail Mail

If you want to drop us a wicked awesome postcard, or have a signed 8×10 glamour shot you want to send in, feel free to write us at the address below!

Reno Riches Customer Care
39 Park St
Charlestown NSW 2290

Smoke Signals

You can always light a signal fire and look 32° 57’ 54” S and 151° 41’ 6” E for a response.

We have zero former boy scouts or girl scouts on staff, so lighting a fire in response can take some time. We appreciate your patience.