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Janene O’Connor was raised on a farm in Dubbo NSW, by hard working parents. Fast forward 30 years, and she is now one of the most highly regarded people in the real estate area and she is constantly and ‘pleasantly’ been surprised by just how quickly others learn what she has created.


Janene is a professional and ethical real estate educator who specialises in the creation of user friendly systems that form an integral part of the wealth creation process – using Real Estate, and she now teaches others how to do this too!. Her expertise in this area is unparalleled.


In Janene’s word…

“While growing up on a farm in Dubbo Australia, in the 1960’s, my parents were considered poor, uneducated and always financially struggling. However, like many country folk, they were hard workers – with a commitment to making a better life for all us kids – there was 6 of us!


While there was never enough money for luxuries growing up, Mum (and Dad

until he passed when I was only 10y.o.) had strong family values, a high level  of 
integrity and a work ethic that gave us the solid foundations upon which to build our lives… even though we didn’t realise it at the time.”


My mum always said that it was best to get good grades at school so that I could then get a good job. Coming from what was a small country town meant I would be either working for a solicitor or with bank. Of the two – I chose to work in a bank. I remember thinking at the time that I didn’t really like the funny wigs the solicitors wore!


After nearly 2 ½ years in the bank I got promoted – to a Teller! I was frustrated with the slow progress my career was taking not to mention the lack of income from the job, so I thought that I would utilise this new found ‘Teller’ opportunity to talk to real people about their success. So when I noticed a customer with a substantially large balance in their account I would quietly ask them the question… ‘What is your secret to success?’


For a number of years after that decision, I continued to struggle saving for a deposit. By this stage I had transferred to Sydney (after much complaining about lack of promotion in the Country) but what I didn’t realise was just how much more expensive it was to live in the city.


To say that these years were ‘character building’ would be an understatement. But at no time did I ever think ‘this is it’ for me – I knew that there were bigger and better things ahead, perhaps just around the corner. So I meditated for guidance.

In 1992, I came across a book by Jan Somers titled ‘Building Wealth through Investment Property’. After reading through this book, I finally understood what so many customers had said to me about using real estate to create wealth. I then became a student of real estate.


Right from the start, I go to asking better questions. Rather than complaining about how hard it was to save for a house deposit – my better question was ‘How can I get into a house quickly?’ My flatmate and I agreed on an arrangement to buy a house together. This was my first joint venture!

Together we made more in one year than I did working for 2 years at my bank job. We bought well and renovated on a budget.  I knew that real estate, with my continuing evolving strategies, tools and techniques used to make them profitable, were my ‘thing’.

For many years, I have bought, renovated and sold real estate and all in a part time basis. The extra lump sums of cash created on each project has always supplemented my basic income whilst I remained at work.


Now recognised as a leader in this area, I show others that by doing the research well before selecting a property to buy and then following a checklist process, they can create wealth through buying and renovating real estate, and turbo charge the profits of any existing real estate.


I continue to learn from others, I devour books, audio seminars and webinars. Investing in my own education now has a direct impact on both my business and personal development. It is never too late to learn what it takes to be successful – you just have to recognise opportunities when they appear, and take the action needed to make them a reality.


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