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You Won’t Be Able To Remove Your Anxiety, Stress Or
Overwhelm Until You Do These 3 Simple Steps… And They
MUST Be Done In This Exact Order!

You know your mind, body and soul would be at ease if you could just stop stressing out about everything every day or collapsing into overwhelm!

The anxiety levels that rise to ‘out of control’…

The emotional outbursts that just don’t make any sense…

The continual feelings of shame or guilt

The fear of speaking your truth in case you’ll be judged…

And the horrible memories that come flooding into your body, as if you are reliving it all over again!

You just need to find a way to carry on.

To deal with it all on a day-to-day basis.

And ideally, to remove the stored trauma from your body...once and for all.

But the truth is, you aren’t sure where to start, what to do first, and the indecision and not knowing which way to go is wearing you down. You constantly feel overwhelmed and IT. IS. EXHAUSTING!

- some days you wonder if you should just give up. Its all been simply too much for too long – “sigh”



You’re an action taker - you have tried so many things –but the results just don’t seem to stick – or are short-lived before you revert to your old self - or the process is too slow and frustrating –or you simply feel stuck- you won’t ever give up - you will not let this beat you!
But right now 

 • You set your To-Do’s for the day, sit down to get onto your next task – get stressed -out with exactly where to start, and then you fall into overwhelm, you procrastinate in that frozen state of uncertainty… 

 • You get distracted easily with anything to avoid the important task, spending hours distracted down the Facebook rabbit hole or googling aimlessly….and realize you have wasted your precious time -hours, days, and weeks (or more)pass… and you are still where you started. Now frustrated that you have nothing important achieved. 

 • You have all the best intentions. You have so many great ideas, but you are afraid that you will make the wrong decision and end up wasting more time or more money going in the wrong direction. And what will your friends and family say? 

 • You are here physically, but not emotionally. Your energy is not into this moment. You stare at a screen. Your mind wanders off in a meeting or a conversation. Sometimes you have physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, joint pain, or stomachaches that you think might be trauma-related. 

 • You have tried hard, and have learned so many techniques and they all seem to work for others, but you are frustrated as nothing seems to work for you. You question yourself - ‘what’s wrong with me. Am I broken?’ and then you feel the shame as you feel like a failure. Another thing that I can not do!

You’ve had enough! You are ready to do the healing work, to STOP the ongoing STRESS – once and for all!!

Can you imagine…

• You have a deadline coming up and you plan for it giving yourself plenty of time to achieve the level and results that you are really happy with, and you navigate the task without any panic or feeling anxious to the point of wanting to throw up. You simply get the job done.
• Not having to escape from what's really happening in your life and to start living your true authentic self. No more pretending to be what someone's wants or expects from you. It time for You BE-ing You!
• How it feels to decide on what you want in your life and be confident to take regular action steps every single day that supports your vision. You are Capable.
• Being able to live a stress-free day ‘everyday’ ,going about your day confidently, calmly completing tasks and projects and knowing that every day you are moving in exactly the right direction to where you want to go. You are capable.
• You are not exhausted. You have the energy to spend time with your friends and family, being fully present with them, laughing together and know you can take this time out without feeling guilting that you should have spent your limited energy doing something else like work!. You are worth it.
• Being able to control how you respond to people and situations, and not allow others to effect how you feel anymore! Knowing that this is your life and you are doing it on your terms. You are in control.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you achieve your everyday life Stress- Free…

What if $997 was all you needed to eliminate your stress totally from your everyday experience, achieve your life dream and goals and start feeling at peace with your past trauma?

For just the price of a short ocean cruise, you can buy a mentor and community in your pocket to guide and support you to have you cruising stress-free through your days for the rest of your life.

Why would you waste your time doing anything else?

Are you ready to experience…

• The essential sequence for rewiring ALL stored trauma in your body BUT not just learning the theory of it, you are fully experiencing it so that you can reverse engineer the stored trauma and the sabotaging patterns.

• 21 Days of scientifically proven tools and techniques that actually work to clear the trauma stored in
your own body’s nervous system.

• Freedom from the crazy emotional highs and lows! No more trying to cope or deal with others, no more stressed out or anxious feelings throughout your day. Tools to support you so that you can take a breath and create that calm sense in your body, in a matter of seconds

• A place where it is safe to be you. Being held and supported by others who understand exactly how it feels for you and without question or any doubting of what you are going through.

• The flow on impacts that this experience will have for you… , and how you deal with your partner or children, and the people at work – in fact any relationship that’s important to you.

woman excited small2

Of Course You Are!!


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Learn how to completely remove that feeling of stress in your body and eliminate your trauma triggers so that you can take back control of you, your emotional state without reliving your story or having to spend years in therapy...

When you join

You will:

• Experience the feeling of being safe and supported in your own body, deep done on a cellular level

• Understand exactly what to do when you begin to feel the old pattern of stress coming up… before it takes you into be overwhelm

• Never have to re-tell your story. Your past trauma will be revered engineered so that it never hold you back – ever again.

• Understand and experienced the 3 step essential sequence in your body so that you will never have to deal with your past stress - once and for all.

• Know exactly which state your body is in, in any given moment and know exactly what you must do to support you BEFORE it automatically takes control of you

• Know exactly what to do if ever you feel triggered in the moment, and be able to use the tools to confidently decide what you would rather do instead so that you can stay cool calm and collected.

• Gain the tools to be able to DELETE past and present triggers from your life completely in as little as 21 days

• Have the confidence to go through your day knowing that you have got this now, no matter what life throws at you

• Be supported by a community of women who fully understand and will hold you in a safe space as you journey through this important healing for yourself!

In The 21 Day ‘Awaken Awareness Adventure’™ We Focus On Experiencing-Wiring Your Past Stored Trauma - Say Goodbye To Stress And Overwhelm And Hello To A Life Of Ease And Joy

What you get inside the The 21 Day  Awaken Awareness Adventure™


In this first week it’s all about SAFETY and how this feels exactly in your body. Why is this important? When you feel safe, your anxiety levels are not triggered. You will uncover ways for you to build the foundation that feels safe in your body, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

• The Secret to Body Awareness And How This Helps To Heal Your Past Trauma
• How To Align Your Body To Safety In 30 Seconds Or Less
• The Ultimate Guide To Becoming Grounded.
• How To Create Space For You To Avoid Anxiety or Stress
• Revealed: The Secret of the Voo!
• How To Feel Safe in Your Body Even If You’re In An Unfamiliar Place.
• How To Contain Yourself So That You Are Always Fully Present.


Now that your safety foundations are in, let’s build the support system into your body to create a stable and secure structure. Why is this important? A solid support system allows you to tolerate or put up with more ‘stuff’ that comes your way.

In the Second week we cover The ‘Step-By Step Support System’ which includes:

• Discover Who’s Got Your Back?
• What To Do When The Weight Of The World Is On Your Shoulders
• How To Plant Your Feet To Feel Completely Grounded
• What To Do When You Get That Sinking Gut Feeling!!
• The Secret Of How To Open Up Your Heart
• Un-See This!
• What To Do When Your Neck Is On The Line?


Your foundations are formed, support and stability is in place and fully secure, now in our final week you create your capacity for growth and expansion.

In the third week we cover The 'The Proven Progress Practice' which includes:

• The Little Known Skill That Every Person Must Know To Feel Alive
• Revealed: The Second Secret of the Voo!
• How To Empower You To Find Joy And Live A Life You Love
• Uncover The Secrets Of Titration To Build Capacity
• How To Work With Your Parts To Make You Whole
• Anger – Is This Emotion Good Or Bad? Right or Wrong?
• Closure – Pause; Honour; and Celebrations

You will also get access to these bonuses

• One Private 1:1 Support Call with Janene O’Connor

• FB Group Community Support Network

• Access to ALL recordings


• You would like a proven method to fully experience how it feels to be stress-free – knowing that you are safe and supported in your body

• You want to be done with your trauma triggers and patterns once and for all.

• You want to experience control over your emotions and not simply react to situations

• You are DONE with reliving your past, telling your story over and over again to therapists who just do not truly understand you

• You want to take control back of how you feel and react throughout your day so that you can remain calm in ALL situations

• You know it’s time to get yourself healing done -once and for all - and you want to do it with the support of a community of like-minded ladies


Then join us in the 21 Day Awaken Awareness Adventure for just $997

get instant access now - for as little as a short ocean cruise

What happens when I sign up? 

When you complete your payment information you will be directed to our private FB community and this will allow you to join the group and start connection and drawing inspiration for your adventure. An email will also be sent to you with instructions on how to access the online training material.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course! We guarantee that if you follow our method and tools, ask questions and engage in the program that you will be able to delete your trauma patterns to create a stress -free life.

Meet Aileen


Aileen had a traumatic car accident and for 20 years could not get into a car without feeling stressed-out and un-safe. She felt unsupported by her husband… causing many arguments between them!


Aileen implemented only 2 of the strategies and now is in the front of the car, laughing and connecting with all the family… and fully enjoying the time together and her car trips.

Meet Michelle


Wanted to create an online business. She felt stuck –showing up in video was too much. The videos were ‘never good enough’, and she would then stress-out when not done.


Michelle created 9 videos in one day, after 12 months of procrastination and putting it off. Then went on to sign 2 clients into her 12 monthly mastermind program. Michelle went on to launch her first course months later.